Details of 
areas of expertise



Branding Strategies
JMA can he
lp your organisation to develop a branding strategy that gives you a competitive advantage in today's crowded market. Using highly developed metrics, we can measure the effectiveness of your brand image and enhance and modify it accordingly. 

Sales & Key Account Management 
A well-honed key sales and account management strategy is a must, in order to support an organisation's marketing programmes. JMA can help you to devise and implement these strategies inclusive of recruitment guidelines, remuneration, motivation, budgeting, territory management and sales performance measurement. 



Market Planning & Strategy
A sound, market driven business plan is essential if an organisation is to optimise its effectivenss. JMA has over 15 years experience in this field and our capabilities can provide your organisation with dramatic improvements in short and long term profitability. 

Effective Procedures
Your organisation can only truly excel, if its procedures, in particular its customer service ones, are in keeping with customer expectations and competitive capabilities. JMA, through over 18 years experience, can analyse and re-engineer your procedures to give you a winning edge in your field

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